Chiropractic Manipulation Helps Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Chiropractic Manipulation of the cervical spine or neck region is a common technique utilized by Sainato Chiropractic Wellness & Injury Clinic in Port Orange for many patients complaining of neck, upper back, and shoulder/arm pain, as well as headaches. Similar to the treatment for many conditions affecting the low back, chiropractic is considered as a first line of treatment for a range of cervical spine condition.

The bones in your neck are collectively known as the cervical spine. The cervical spine contains seven vertebrae and supports the weight of the head. The head weighs approximately 12 pounds. The neck allows the head to turn in virtually any direction. However, this makes the neck prone to injury.

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Chiropractic Treatments for Whiplash

Motor vehicle accidents can cause a sudden movement to the head and neck that is extremely forceful. This is often called whiplash which is named for the whipping motion. The sudden whipping motion can result in significant damage to the delicate structures in the neck. The muscles of the neck can go into spasm causing stiffness and pain. With a more severe injury

, the deeper structures of the neck such as the discs, nerves, ligaments and joints may be adversely affected.

Osteoarthritis and Chiropractic

As we get older, degenerative changes may occur in the neck such as osteoarthritis and wearing out of the cartilage in the joint spaces. Osteoarthritis is very common among older people. In the neck there is a deterioration of cartilage in the discs of the neck. Calcium deposits may also form around the joints as a protective mechanism often called bone spurs.

Bad lifestyle habits can cause problems in the neck. Having bad posture such as slouching

, weight gain and weakened abdominal muscles can result in neck problems. These problems can cause an imbalance to the spine causing the neck to compensate. Stress, including physical and emotional stress can tighten the muscles of the neck and shoulders resulting on abnormal pressure on the spine. This can result in chronic neck pain if it is not taken care of.

Chiropractic physicians are well trained to locate and examine problems in the neck. They perform specific exams to determine the source of the problem. The chiropractor will look at posture, range of motion and observe for any other abnormalities in the neck. They will also feel the cervical spine to determine if the spinal bones are misaligned or if there are tight muscles.

Chiropractors use natural, conservative methods to help correct problems in the neck.

They do not use drugs or surgery but can refer to another healthcare provider if these are necessary. The chiropractor may ask the patient for permission to contact their primary care physician to coordinate care. Chiropractors perform specific hands on adjustments to help correct misaligned spinal bones which are a common cause of neck pain. Patients often report significant improvement in turning their head following a chiropractic adjustment.

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