Patient Library

Welcome to the Sainato Chiropractic Patient Library

We are pleased that you are enjoying our  small but mighty Patient Library. It is greatly appreciated that all of our books have been donated by family, friends, patients, and staff.
Our hope is to have an assorted collection for ALL to enjoy. If you have a special contribution we would love  your book donation for the library.


How to Enjoy

  • Select your book of choice  (One book at a time please)
  • Completely Fill out Book Demographic Card
  • Return sheet to Front Desk
  • Receive your Book Return Reminder
  • Return your Book within 1 month.

Book Return

  • Please return Books in Designated Return Bin
  • Select your next escapade or adventure

Books to Donate

  • Please place Books in Designated Donate Bin
  • In your donated Book, please include your name on a piece of paper for your future recognition of your donated book. Example:  “This book is Compliments of Mary Smith”

Please be advised that all books donated will become property of Sainato Patient Library Chiropractor Port OrangeChiropractic in continuance of the Library for others to appreciate.

Our purpose is to engage our patients not only with Chiropractic Care but with reading and to help share their favorites. Be advised that the library contains a variety of subjects and information. This material is not meant to offend, conflict, share views, or offer medical advice without discussing with Dr Sainato.




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