Thumper Maxi Pro Professional Electric Massager

This is by far the most amazing massager on the market to date. If you have been to our office then you already know about the Thumper. This massager is designed to be used with the assistance of someone else but provides a gentle yet deep percussion massage that is hard to replicate with any other massager. They are not cheap massagers and if you are looking for a massager that will last for years to come this is it. We use these massagers all day every day in the office and ours are going on 10 years of service.



Neck-Shoulder-Back Shiatsu Kneading Massager with Heat    

This has been one of the best shiatsu neck and shoulder massagers I have found.  The friend that recommended it to me said, “I kissed a lot of frogs before I found this prince” and they were right.  This unit has heat and arm slings to support and relax the shoulders.  



DMI Cervical Neck Traction Over The Door Device

Over the door traction units are great options for cervical traction without the high cost of other units. They also are a good way to experiment to see if you will respond to cervical traction for bulging or herniated cervical discs or degenerative conditions in the cervical spine.

Ohuhu Cervical Traction Collar Device for Neck Pain Relief – Inflatable

This inflatable traction collar is super easy to use and easy to take with you if your travel. These collars also provide downward force onto the shoulder muscles which helps provide a stretch to the trapezius muscles that commonly affected when one has neck pain from a bulging or herniated disc or from forward head posture from looking down at a phone or computer screen for extended periods of time.

Therapist’s Choice® Kinesiology Tape Bulk Roll

Patients ask all the time where I get my kinesiology tape from. This is the best kinesiology tape I have found after trying multiple different brands. This tape does not cause irritation to the skin, comes off without leaving adhesive on the skin and last for up to a week on the skin depending on activity levels. This is also the best priced tape on the market for a bulk roll.


Cervical Orthotic – Adjustable Height 3-Levels-In-One – Used to improve cervical curve (lordosis)

Light weight and easy to adjust to the proper height to fit you cervical spine. The foam is firm which is important to provide pressure on the cervical spine to improve cervical lordosis and improve cervical posture over time. This is not a “feel good” treatment but over time it will improve cervical posture which can alleviate headaches, neck pain and upper back tension.


DMI Reusable Ice Bag, Large Ice Pack Bag, 11 Inches, Blue

Absolutely the best and last ice pack you will ever have to buy ! These are the ice packs we use for long term icing meaning you can use these packs to ice an affected area for up to two hours continuously without fear of causing frost bite to the affected tissue.


Aspen Quikdraw PRO Back Brace, Back Braces for Lower Back Pain Women & Men

The Aspen Quikdraw is my favorite low back brace. This brace is extremely well made and provides quick compression with the pull strings to give excellent support to the lumbar spine. The key to any lumbar brace is actually using it. It will do you no good laying on your shelf. Using the brace as a preventative measure while you are doing yard work or cleaning before you injure your back is the best way.



Biofreeze Pain Relief Spray, 4 oz. Aerosol Spray

Biofreeze is a staple at our office. If you have not used the aerosol spray you need to give it a try. It is the strongest of the Biofreeze products with 10.5% menthol and stronger than the roll on or the gel and easier to apply because you just spray it on the area and let it dry.


Ketone Strips for Keto Diet

If you are following a keto diet there is really on two ways to know if you are in ketosis or not. One is by blood test meter or the easier method is by using urine ketone test strips. These are simple to use and tell you what level of ketosis your body is in within 40 seconds.


Care Touch Ketone Testing Kit – Ketone Meter w Strip

This is the meter I use to test blood ketone levels. It is a more accurate level of testing circulating blood ketones than urinalysis but requires a finger prick and small amount of blood to test. Quick and accurate results.


Copper Compression Socks 15-20 mmHg Graduated Athletic & Medical for Men & Women

Lori loves these compression socks. If you are on your feet a lot, compression socks are a great way to reduce fatigue in your legs and feet. Secondly, if you have swelling in your feet or legs towards the end of the day, they can reduce the fluid retention in your legs. As a note, if you do have edema in your legs you need to consult your primary care physician as this can be a sign of a more serious health issue.

CHOMPS Grass Fed Original Beef Jerky Snack Sticks, Keto & Paleo Friendly

We love these snack sticks. They are free of processed ingredients and are a great source of protein and are zero carb. 100% grass-fed & finished beef raised without antibiotics or hormones.

Keto Made Easy: 100+ Easy Keto Dishes Made Fast to Fit Your Life

Great recipe book with easy to make recipes and directions for keto meals and snacks.

AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat Sheet, Set of 2

These are the best baking mats we have used. Easy to clean up and nothing sticks to them.

Palmini Low Carb Pasta | 4g of Carbs

Great low carb alternative to regular pasta. Drain and wash well, then add whatever sauce you prefer.

Memory Foam Back Cushion – Lumbar Support Pillow for Office, Car and Chair

The lumbar support pillow is a great option to improve posture while seated. We use these support cushions at our desks in the office to improve posture and reduce neck and back tension while working on the computer.


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